Bespoke Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers

Double M Nottingham is a team of highly-experienced specialists in the design, manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders.  We provide cylinders made to our own designs and specifications and also work closely with our customers to produce the highest-quality, bespoke hydraulic cylinders from their designs, specifications and requirements.

The company is regarded by many as being at the forefront of innovative design and build of our customers’ requirements within the manufacturing and repair market.

The solutions we offer are tailored to our customers needs and with over 35 years of experience, you can be assured of the highest levels of service, knowledge and professionalism.  Our company will manufacture to your drawings or we will design a new cylinder to your specifications.

We have been and currently are supplying many of the main companies within the Engineering, Waste, Off-shore and Agricultural markets based both here in the UK and Overseas.

Based in the East Midlands and close to the M1, we can provide our clients with a wide range of quality engineering, maintenance and repair solutions offered at a realistic and economic cost.

Quality, speed, accuracy and flexibility are our most valuable assets, added to our highly-skilled and fully-experienced team of engineers.

As a result of many years of experience and technical expertise within our production, Double M delivers to the widest spectrum of industries and for the most diverse of applications.

Within our production site at Huthwaite (Mansfield), we are able to carry out each and every discipline required to offer a sound and complete finished product.

We offer a very flexible Repair/Refurbishment Service.  This covers from the basic Re-Seal to a complete Refurbishment with all newly‑manufactured components including Tube, Rod, End cap, Piston, Gland, Eyes and any Flange or Trunnion needed to effect a finished job.  We will always maintain the highest level of Quality and Customer commitment.