Hydraulic Cylinder Reseals and Repairs

Sometimes referred to as a hydraulic ram, a repair to this expensive piece of equipment is significantly more cost-effective than replacing with new.  In most cases, the repaired cylinder will be functionally indistinguishable from a brand new model – particularly when you trust an expert team, with over 30 years experience, like Double M with any hydraulic cylinder repair work.

Hydraulic Cylinder Reseals and Repairs

Double M Nottingham Ltd is pleased to provide a high-quality cylinder refurbishment and repair service.  All repairs and refurbishing are integrated into the Double M main manufacturing operations and include final assembly and test.

What We Offer:

We offer a free strip and quote service for hydraulic cylinder repair and will do the following:

  • Conduct a full assessment of the equipment
  • Decide the best possible course of action
  • Assess how many parts can be salvaged and decide if it is cost-effective for us to complete the hydraulic cylinder repair

Our Strip Assessment

This enables your plant breakdowns to be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We always carry a large stock of cylinders seals and other soft parts, which means we can offer prompt cylinder repairs.  And, if we don’t carry the seals, our stores can usually purchase them for delivery within 48 hours.

Our Machine Shop

Our well-equipped machine shop is where we manufacture any cylinder components required.

Our Fitting Shop

Our Fitting Shop is manned with experienced hydraulic engineers so you can be assured your cylinders are assembled with the utmost expertise.

Our Inspection Department

Once the cylinders have been assembled, they are given a final inspection and tested to BS ISO 10100:2001+A1:2012 Hydraulic Fluid Power – Cylinders. Acceptance tests according to our ISO 9001 Quality System.