Hydraulic Cylinders For All Industries

Over the years we’ve worked in many different aspects of industry and have proved that our products are built to stand the tests of the environments that they are subjected to.

Whether you need a bespoke hydraulic cylinder manufactured to your exacting requirements, or a repair on an existing cylinder, we’re sure our highly experienced team can help.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing you can always rely on a professional service from us.

Our extensive knowledge and expertise allow us to consistently deliver superior products and services to our customers.

Because time is money, we always keep a close eye on turnaround times, in order to ensure your business downtime is kept to a minimum.


Industries We Work With…

Here are just a few of the different types of industries that we work with:

Road Transport, Agriculture, Materials Handling, Waste and Recycling, Mining, Off Shore, Utilities.

Our work is not limited to these areas though, so if you require a hydraulic cylinder manufacturing or repairing, whatever your background, we’re sure we can help.